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Автор:  Haoose [ 13 фев 2016, 22:49 ]
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Жанр: Симуляторы, Спорт, Ранний доступ
Разработчик: Barspin Studios
Издатель: Barspin Studios
Дата выхода: 2016 ... =344662566

Feeling the real sensation of riding a BMX, pulling awesome tricks, enhancing and customizing your bike, competing against other bikers online and much more in a game.

Right now we’re working hard to make this happen. Our game is intended to you, with real movements, accurate physics, logic controls, and a modern 3d engine running high quality graphics.

An amazing world where you can use the editor to create your own places to ride whether it be park or street, even dirt. You can challenge other bikers online to compete in championships or races. Maybe just roam freely exploring the expansive city to find street spots and hidden parks, all while capturing amazing footage. In BMX The Game you can customize each part of the experience: bikes, characters, set pieces, clothes, riding styles, physics modes and much more.

Игра (preAlpha 0.184 & Alpha 0.0.7)

Игра (preAlpha 0.184)

Crack for 0.184.8 by Haoose
Используйте любой логин/пароль.

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